Are you interested in exclusively stocking Brad Turner Creative Indigenous Artworks or Prints?

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Wholesale Account FAQ

Can I commission a custom print for my store?

Yes! We can arrange a custom print exclusive for your store. For more information please speak with our team.

How do I apply for a Wholesale Account?

To Apply! Simply follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the 'Wholesale Application' link below
  2. Complete the online application form
  3. Once completed click submit
  4. Your application will be sent to our Wholesale Manager who will review your application
  5. The Wholesale Manager will contact each applicant in regards to their Wholesale Account

How we support your business!

Fundamentaly, it's important that Brad Turner Creative not only treats his stockists as part of our team but to also ensure a sucessful working relationship! Our first priority is to keep our stockists exclusive within their specific area (or postcode). Before any stockist is approved we collect information about our applicants to make sure they fit within our guidelines.

What is the difference between a Retail and Wholesale Stockist?

We offer two different types of Wholesale Accounts: 1. Retail Stockist - No Minimum Order Quantity - Tier 1 Discount Off RRP 2. Wholesale Stockist - Minimum Order Quantity - Tier 2 Discount Off RRP

How do I order stock?

Once you have been approved, our Wholesale Manager will set up an online Wholesale Account allowing you to order directly online!

How long will it take to receive orders?

Generally you will recieve your orders within 2-Weeks, however this is subject to printing and shipping.