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Kubill Buggerrajung

Meaning: Beautiful Beyond


Kurbill Buggerrajung was painted as an expiration into my family's heritage and the cultural connections both past and present. It is a representation of the mountain ranges of Wollumbin (often referred to as ‘Cloud Catcher’), which is a place of great spiritual significance to the Bundjalung People. I named it Beautiful Beyond as sometimes you need to look past the physical beauty of the land to understand the powerful connections it has with it’s custodian’s.


Colour Palette: Peach, Ochre, Raw/Burnt Sienna & White

Kubill Buggerrajung

GST Included
  • Museum Grade Cotton Rag Paper:

    A4, A3, A2, A1, A0

    Stretched Canvas + Tasmanian Oak Float Frame

    A1, A2

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