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About Brad



Brad is a Contemporary Indigenous Artist and Commercial Photographer based on the border of northern NSW and the Gold Coast -- Bundjalung Country.




Through his artwork and photography, he aims to inspire change around conversations about mental health, depression and anxiety within our indigenous & non-indigenous communities. Brad’s creative projects combine the use of natural light photography and natural tones with bright, vibrant colours and imagery to promote joy and happiness!


Brad is a devoted father who leads by example and empowers his daughter to be proud of her Aboriginal Ancestry and a grateful custodian of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. 




Brad specialises in Branding and Lifestyle Photography and his work has been published in a number of high profile publications such as:

  • Haven Magazine (Cover)

  • Studio Bambini

  • Liquify

  • Life & Style Magazine

  • Holistic Living Magazine

  • Gold Coast Bulletin


Giving Back!

With alarming statistics regarding mental health within the indigenous community, Brad hopes to implement change through his N8tive Nation Program which is due to launch in 2020. This program aims to help empower, engage and encourage indigenous communities to play a collaborative role in their mental health recovery.  Through education and the use of Therapeutic Photography & Art, he hopes to assist his people to have better control over their destructive thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. By purchasing any indigenous artwork from his site you will be actively supporting the program as Brad will donate 10% from all artworks purchased.

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